I've been finding inspiration in a lot of places these days. Some might even say, I've been finding inspiration in the strangest places. One of the places that I have been finding inspiration is in my routine. I have made a commitment to write 5 days a week. You might say... why not 7 days? Well... I need to leave some time for sermon prep, which means I'm still writing, I'm just not counting it towards my daily challenge. This routine has caused an awareness within me, and has seemed to heightened my sense of inspiration. Now, the days are young, and the honeymoon stage is in full effect, but nevertheless... I'm happily creating. 

One of the places I found great inspiration is through the experience of my friends. One way we can glean this is through their posts on social media. My friend Jonathan Bounds posted this morning, and I was captivated! 

I believe that ART is an incredible catalyst for change. I believe that ART, now matter the medium, is an amplifier, taking our thoughts, fears, emotions, and ramblings and transforming it into an interactive platform through which we can fully engage with the human experience. 
I also believe that ART has the power to connect us to the SPIRITUAL. I don't think that it is any mistake that MUSIC is a preferred method of CONNECTIVITY, established by GOD himself. There is something intimate and intangible about a shared corporate experience. 

So... what inspires you? 

A creative window of inspiration for me has been Unsplash Instant | What is inspiring you today and through what experiences are you being transformed? 

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