I honestly believe that what holds us back from achieving and fulfilling our dreams, visions, and ideas isn't a lack of time, money, skills or talent. The number one thing that holds us back from achieving our destiny and finding fulfillment is that we never get started...

I am so excited to introduce you to my debut book, ‪#‎HopeNotHype‬. I believe that this book will put the tools in your hand that will help you unlock the power to start!

#HopeNotHype is available October 4, 2016, but if you Pre-Order Now, you will receive a Book Preview, as well as two very special bonuses. Every Pre-Order will also receive an eBook and Audiobook version of #HopeNotHype!

PRE-ORDER NOW at http://bit.ly/HopeNotHype

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Brett Esslinger is a Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Pastor, Speaker, Leader, Writer whose life goal is to help people unlock their potential and fulfill their life's purpose. 

Brett is the founder of Engage City Church & the Author of #HopeNotHype

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