I get it. People are frustrating. To phrase it another way, people are the worst. If you are anything like me you occasionally find yourself repeatedly banging your head against the wall. For most of us this is a hyperbolic & metaphoric statement, but for a few us, it's a Monday afternoon. 

So what's a person to do?

Think back to those best moments ever. For a moment, take a minute to reflect on your favourite memory... ready? Go! Notice anything about these memories? What faces do you see? Who are the people that make those memories special? 

Hold on. Are you telling me that the best moments in my life are directly connected to people? Yup. Feeling conflicted now are you? The reality of life is that people are the worst, and they are also the absolute best. Remember, every time you do or say something regrettable you get the privilege of dwelling on it, and rationalizing it, and hoping and wishing and praying that people will realize that you were just having a bad day. You hope that people can look past your momentary lack of judgement, discretion, or even a general lack of a filter. Usually, when it's us screwing up, we hope people see the best, and believe the best and give us the benefit of the doubt, but often when the script flips we want to reign down judgement and terror on those who cause us to bang our heads against the wall. 

So yes... people are terrible, but they are also the best. I want to people to believe the best of me, even when I'm not at my best, so I will do the same for others.... even when it hurts, and is frustrating, and causes a large wall shaped bruise to develop prominently on my forehead.

Brett Esslinger is a Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Pastor, Speaker, Leader, Writer whose life goal is to help people unlock their potential and fulfill their life's purpose. 

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