Why do we CREATE?

This is a question whose answer is as diverse as those who create. We all have our reasons why. We've talked before about the idea of CREATIVITY really being PROBLEM SOLVING. So that, in one sense, is an answer in and of itself.  But I wonder if that's less of WHY and more of a MOTIVE. 

A problem is presented and we want to solve it. We get creative. We come up with a solution and we execute. But that answer doesn't cover all of those who create for the sake of creating. We understand that CREATIVITY IS NOT ART (Read More On That Here), but we also understand that it isn't ART until it is. 

For the sake of our discussion here today, why don't we say that whatever you do is your craft. That's the word we will use to define what you do. Are you a Marketer? Then that's your craft. Web Designer? That's your craft. Carpenter? Carpentry is your craft. Public Speaker? That's your craft. Barber? THAT IS YOUR CRAFT! 

I think you get the idea. 

So... what if we looked at all of this from a different perspective? I believe that CREATIVITY IS THE EXCUSE FOR CONNECTION. We could say it in a slightly different way if you prefer, YOUR CRAFT IS YOUR EXCUSE FOR CONNECTIVITY. 

It doesn't matter what your craft is the reality is, YOU DO IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If you are an artist, and you are all about your craft, and creating. Let's say you write music. Who are you writing it for? On the surface, especially if you are introvert, you might say, I write the music for me, I've just to got to create. I believe you. I just don't believe you. I think you think you write it for you, but in reality, we create for others. 

It is through CREATIVITY that we discover shared experiences. No matter what your craft is, your creativity is a platform for shared experiences. When we think of platforms we either think of a stage at an event, or we think about a social media platform. For many of us, especially us craftspeople, we think that the social media platform is the shared experience. So we throw all of our energy and our pursuits into building our "platform" but the reality is, your social media is not your platform, your craft is your platform, the social media is your loudspeaker. 

When we strip our creativity down to its core we discover that all we are doing is communicating. Communication is the foundation of connectivity. When I say connectivity I mean relationships. Your craft is one of the ways your dialogue with the world. 

I'm not usually one for homework, but I think there is a simple way that we can take some simple steps forward, all the while making the world a better place. 


Before you become deeply offended at me, I'm going to make the world a very simple place for the sake of this exercise. I believe that there is a large spectrum and scale to personality, but for the purposes of this blog, let's just divide ourselves into two tribes. The first tribe is made up of OUTGOING PEOPLE. This group thrives in social settings, and well, we generally know what outgoing looks like. If you fall anywhere near this, then this is your homework category for today. 

The second tribe we will simply call PROCESSING PEOPLE. They may tend towards being introverted, but they aren't necessarily. If you are a PROCESSOR you think before you act, speak, blink, anything, and all of the above. 

These groups are imperfect, but hey, we are looking at spectrums of people. 

If you are in the OUTGOING TRIBE, here is your homework. 


In an unfortunate broad sweeping generalization I'm gonna say that to a certain extent, talking comes somewhat naturally for you. So in an effort to become more intentional about our connectivity, why don't you very intentional create a shared platform through your craft. If you are a talker, don't just ramble on about your latest idea, use your craft to communicate it, but also use your creativity to help me feel what you are feeling about this idea. Let your craft and your creativity do the talking for you. 

Moving on...

If you have self-selected the PROCESSING TRIBE, then you already have a pretty good idea where I'm going, because you definitely really thought through whether or not you wanted to keep reading, so thanks for staying with me. If you are a PROCESSOR than you are already very skilled at letting your craft do the talking. Because you've felt at a disadvantage so long socially -again sorry for the generalization, let's keep it positive and keep rolling - you have become very good at using your craft and your creativity to express the words that you just can't seem to get out. 

I hope we can all agree that no matter where we fit on the spectrum the world will be a better place if we continually expand our skill sets. 

For all my PROCESSOR friends here, I want to remind you that your creativity and your craft is really an excuse for connectivity. The thing you created has opened up a door for connection, it has literally and figuratively created a table that we can all gather around and exchange our thoughts, ideas, and experiences. So your homework is simple. Talk about your CRAFT. Talk about your creations, we get the feeling, we get the idea, because you've skillfully created a shared platform, now let's jump off the platform and dive into the pool of connectivity. 

I'm not gonna belabor any of this. I'm just gonna drop this blog right here and hope that I've dropped a seed of inspiration into your brain. You are incredible at what you do, now let's get better at being who we are. 

Brett Esslinger is a Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Pastor, Speaker, Leader, Writer whose life goal is to help people unlock their potential and fulfill their life's purpose. 

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