Every conversation counts. Every compliment counts. Every smile counts. Every comment counts. Every wave counts. Every hat tip counts. Every "Hi" counts. Every word counts. Every moment counts. Every interaction counts. Every little thing matters. 

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It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, what you do.... It all counts. So, what are you going to brighten someone's day? What are you going do now that you know, that every time you smile at someone you could literally be the very thing that they were praying for that day. 

Let's be kind. Let's be gracious. Let's actually connect.

Imagine what could if we actually valued connectivity. A smile or high-five, even a simple hello isn't just a greeting, each interaction we have is meaningful, and every interaction is an invitation to a deeper connection and a deeper relationship. Every once in a while I rattle off a comment like, "I'm good... I don't need any more friends," and I do that to illustrate my personality, but the truth is, I think I'm good, but I don't know I'm good. What I have discovered is the more open I am, and the more relationships I can foster, the richer I am. There is a depth of value that is found in connectivity. A value that you can invest, and that can be invested into you.

So what are you going to do today to change someone's life? 

Brett Esslinger is a Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Pastor, Speaker, Leader, Writer whose life goal is to help people unlock their potential and fulfill their life's purpose. 

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