We are masters of wasting time. We are professional procrastinators, and the repetitive nature of our lives has caused us to start punching the clock and counting down the hours until we leave instead of focusing on productivity and efficiency. So if we are just surviving, if we are just riding the merry-go-round of life, if we are just punching the clock, why not do something RIGHT NOW to change your life?

What’s holding you back?

I have been trying, keyword trying, to get up at 5 am and use that extra couple of hours to get more things done, like writing this blog for example, without taking any time away from my family, and when it happens, it’s been working.

Every time my alarm goes off, I fight the equivalent of WORLD WAR 3 in my own head. I justify all of the reasons why I should stay in bed, why I need the sleep, why my craft can wait. I tell myself that I won’t be creative enough, awake enough or energized enough; I convince myself that inspiration is hiding from me this morning, and when all of that rationale fails, I remind myself that my bed is warm and the world outside of my covers is cold.

I self-sabotage ... and so do you.

Here’s a question for you: Why are you going to be better positioned to change your life in 10 minutes from now or a year from now?

 Let me get this straight ... you have a dream. You have been perfecting and pursuing your craft. You are dissatisfied with where you are in life. You want something better for you and your family. You have a game-changing idea or concept and, on top of it all, you have your current job, did I get everything?

So tell me again why you think you should wait until next month, next year or until you hit the next plateau of your life. The reality is NIKE got it right when they reminded us to JUST DO IT.

You are in the best possible place to begin. You are well positioned to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. The scariest thing any of us can do is start. But this is the time; this is the place, all you need to do is put your feet in the starting blocks and you will be off to the races.

Life won’t pass you by if you take this step of faith and begin pursuing your craft or your dream. I know that right now you are afraid that if you take this first step you will instantly fall down a black hole of busyness that you won’t be able to climb out of.

I know that you are worried that your life is going to be unbalanced and that you are going to have no time left for your friends or your family or your dog.

I am certain that you are making a mental note of all the TV shows you are going to miss, but don’t forget ... that’s why somebody took the very same step of faith that you are taking right now and created the PVR.

Brett Esslinger is a Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Pastor, Speaker, Leader, Writer whose life goal is to help people unlock their potential and fulfill their life's purpose. 

Brett is the founder of Engage City Church & the Author of #HopeNotHype

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